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Well-woman care helps women with all their reproductive wellness needs and improves their quality of life. At Primary Care Physicians, LLC, the team of experienced women’s health specialists provides annual well-woman exams, screening tests, birth control, and everything else you need to be your healthiest. Call any of the three offices in Hollywood, Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, and Davie, Florida, or book your appointment using the online booking feature now. 

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Well Woman Care Q&A

What is well-woman care?

Well-woman care is medical care that promotes good health for females. It includes many types of medical care, such as: 

Annual well-woman exams

Annual well-woman exams are yearly appointments that focus on helping you stay healthy. They generally include an internal and external pelvic exam and a clinical breast exam. Most women have Pap smears to screen for the early signs of cervical cancer during well-woman exams. 

Annual well-woman exams also include health maintenance, such as vaccinations, birth control prescriptions, and screening tests. You may need special tests like a mammogram (breast cancer screening) or dual x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan (osteoporosis screening) based on your age and risk factors.   

Treatment of women’s health issues

Period irregularities, like long, heavy, painful, or erratic menstrual cycles, are among the most common women’s health problems. Many women also struggle with difficulty conceiving (infertility), low libido, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

If you have a women’s health problem, the team can diagnose and treat it quickly to prevent a disruptive problem from becoming a permanent reproductive health issue. 

What questions should I ask during my well-woman care? 

During your well-woman care, the team welcomes questions about your health and wellness. Things to discuss with the team include the following:

  • What important screening tests do I need?
  • What are my birth control options?
  • How can I prevent STDs?
  • I’m having period problems or other women’s health issues. What can I do?

The team is here to help with your general health needs, too, including mental health, so don’t hesitate to ask for help with depression, anxiety, stress, and other issues. 

What should I do before a well-woman care appointment? 

Ideally, your annual well-woman exam should occur when you’re not bleeding. If it’s scheduled during your period, call the office to ask about rescheduling. 

It’s best to avoid sex for a few days before the exam if you’re having a Pap smear, as semen can disrupt the results.  

Before your well-woman exam, keep close track of your menstrual cycle. Bring this info and a record of any medications that you’re taking to your appointments. 

If you need to prepare in any additional way, for example, fasting for a blood test, the team will let you know. 

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